Five of the Best Travel Experiences for Horse Lovers

Iceland horses

You do not have to be an avid equestrian or a horse owner to appreciate how majestic horses can be. They are beautiful creatures regardless of how wild or docile they may be. Some can be quite friendly that it would be hard not to get attached. With so much to love about horses, it is not surprising that there are many people who have developed a deep fascination for them. If you are among those who love to be around horses, here are some of the experiences you may want to add to your bucket list.

1. Get the ultimate American Wild West experience

Learn the art of rodeo at the heart of America’s Wild West. Channel the inner cowboy in you as learn how to rope and ride amidst a backdrop of scenic landscapes with plenty of ranches. Head to places like Arizona, Nevada, or Texas to find rodeo events. You can watch the action from a distance or jump right into the middle of it by signing up for some experiential adventures.

2. Get up close with Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses are magnificent in their docile and friendly way. You can get up close to these amazing creatures and see how curious they can be. They stand out not just because of their shaggy mane and natural beauty but also because of their extra unique gait.

3. Watch skilled children race bareback in Naadam, Mongolia

If you think young children riding horses is amazing, wait until you see them doing it bareback. This horse racing event is one of the highlights of the summer festival held in Nadaam every year. Watch child jockeys show their amazing prowess in handling their horses and race off with older opponents.

4. Visit the Kentucky Horse Park

Learn as much as you can in this theme park that would please horse lovers out there. The horse farm provides a scenic backdrop to admire the many horses you can see in the park. Explore trails on horseback and go for pony rides to see more of the natural scenery. You can also check horse racing schedules and get a taste of the excitement while in the area.

5. Go for a horse riding trip in Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Imagine seeing the breathtaking natural scenery in Cotopaxi as you go horse riding along scenic trails. Soak in the views of mountains and valleys as you discover the spectacular beauty that the place has to offer.