Five of the Best Travel Experiences for Horse Lovers

Iceland horses

You do not have to be an avid equestrian or a horse owner to appreciate how majestic horses can be. They are beautiful creatures regardless of how wild or docile they may be. Some can be quite friendly that it would be hard not to get attached. With so much to love about horses, it is not surprising that there are many people who have developed a deep fascination for them. If you are among those who love to be around horses, here are some of the experiences you may want to add to your bucket list.

1. Get the ultimate American Wild West experience

Learn the art of rodeo at the heart of America’s Wild West. Channel the inner cowboy in you as learn how to rope and ride amidst a backdrop of scenic landscapes with plenty of ranches. Head to places like Arizona, Nevada, or Texas to find rodeo events. You can watch the action from a distance or jump right into the middle of it by signing up for some experiential adventures.

2. Get up close with Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses are magnificent in their docile and friendly way. You can get up close to these amazing creatures and see how curious they can be. They stand out not just because of their shaggy mane and natural beauty but also because of their extra unique gait.

3. Watch skilled children race bareback in Naadam, Mongolia

If you think young children riding horses is amazing, wait until you see them doing it bareback. This horse racing event is one of the highlights of the summer festival held in Nadaam every year. Watch child jockeys show their amazing prowess in handling their horses and race off with older opponents.

4. Visit the Kentucky Horse Park

Learn as much as you can in this theme park that would please horse lovers out there. The horse farm provides a scenic backdrop to admire the many horses you can see in the park. Explore trails on horseback and go for pony rides to see more of the natural scenery. You can also check horse racing schedules and get a taste of the excitement while in the area.

5. Go for a horse riding trip in Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Imagine seeing the breathtaking natural scenery in Cotopaxi as you go horse riding along scenic trails. Soak in the views of mountains and valleys as you discover the spectacular beauty that the place has to offer.

Latest News About Horses Around the Web

Majestic Stallion


Alexander and Bucephalus

Alexander the Great and Bucephalus

Who in the world doesn’t like horses?! (Anyone without Equinophobia)


The horse is one of God’s coolest invention or a product of evolution depending on what you believe in. Four hooves of speed and grace. Even greek heroes and the greatest generals of all time, they all ride their trusty steed. These guys are the main reasons why Mongols are considered formidable at the height of their power. Caligula even appointed one as a consul in his senate!

Riding horses is fun to do but at the same time, very tiring. That’s why cowboys have that hat which is called a Stetson Hat or “Ten Gallon Hat” because of the myth that it can hold ten gallons of water. I don’t know whether it is true that they drink from that. Dehydration in the Wild, Wild West is very frequent back in the days. Juices and water can power a cowboy through the hot and arid desert. Juicing provides our body with nutrients and vitamins while rehydrating us. Visit this site to learn more about the wonders of juicing you cowboy: At the mean time, let’s view some news in the web about these steeds.

Riding Horses improve Cognitive thinking?

There’s a study that shows that riding horses can help people to boost their cognitive abilities and decision making skills especially for children. Wow. Some kids performed better in math than other kids who didn’t ride a horse before taking the test. I can’t believe this. You’re enjoying and boosting your skills all at the same time? I think it’s time for me to take some equestrian lessons.

Female Equestrians Breast Health

Female Equestrian

Recent studies show that 40% Female Equestrians or horse riders suffers from some kind of breast pain. Maybe it’s because of the lack of support for their breasts while riding a horse. Who can invent the equestrian bra? Is it possible to create? Only time can tell. The quest to create the perfect bra for women horse riders still lives on.


Time’s up. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed every single bit of it. ‘Til next time. See you!

Bake Your Bread the Quickest and Cost-Effective Way

bread making at home

So you love to bake delicious bread at home. The bread machines can help you on that. As you research for baking recipes, you have to make a perfect purchase of a bread machine that will intensify your bread baking hobby. There are easy bread recipes you can try at first.  If you are still in doubt, you can utilize video tutorials and learn some baking tips on the web that will help your baking a success.

Start by baking whole wheat sandwich bread.  The rich and flavourful bread will surely make your kids enjoy their snacks.  Seeing them eating your homemade bread is a wonderful experience.  The chewy texture of your nutty bread is perfect for a hearty snack with the whole family. With your bread machine, you can make your bread the fastest way. This makes the bread machine a useful device in the kitchen.  The loaves of tasty bread on the table can make the whole family happy. The appliance will satisfy your cravings for homemade tasty bread.



Having the whole wheat bread as your hearty snacks is an amazing experience you can have.  The rich and flavourful bread can be a great means of bonding together one hot summer afternoon or on a chilly night.  The crumbly wheat bread can be made easily using your bread machine.  You can give your family a variety of bread recipes in a most convenient way.  The bread machine is a perfect company in the kitchen. Your family will surely get excited during weekends as they will all feast over your bread.

The fully-featured bread machine contains a programmable setting that can help you bake your bread quickly. Come to admit it. Most of the time you are time-challenged, you are always busy. Just throw all the ingredients into your bread machine and just wait a few minutes until it’s done baking your most delicious bread.

Owning a Zojirushi BB-CEC20 can make you create rectangular-shaped loaves that your kids can enjoy.  You can prepare your bread so easily and quickly.   Its pre-programmed settings take charge of baking your loaves the perfect way. Anyway, you have a lot of baking options as given in the reviews. It’s up to you to choose which among them can help you make your baking hobby a success.

Trust me. By reading your bread machine’s manual, the appliance can bring out the best baker in you.  Home baking is really for a DIYer like you!

Carving Horses For Beginners – And Yes, With A Chainsaw

Do you know what’s cooler than just having a pet horse out there?

It’s being able to carve a replica of your pet horse on a huge block of wood with a chainsaw.

horse carving

Yes, you read that right. While most people think that a chainsaw is only meant for cutting down trees and *gulp* body parts in Hollywood movies like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” this overlooked handy tool can actually be used for carving and other creative woodworks.

And so, here are some tips in carving horses for beginners – and yes, with a chainsaw:

  • Learn the basics. This includes – but not limited to – holding a chainsaw the right way, safety measures when using one, do’s and don’ts when using one, what kind of wood you are going to use, what kind of horse you are going to carve, how tall will the final product be, and just about anything that answers your questions.
  • Equip yourself with the basics. This includes an ordinary chainsaw to make it easier for you to carve and navigate throughout the entire block of wood, any kind of dark pen to help you visualize as you go on with carving the horse model you’ve chosen, and safety gears to prevent serious accidents from using a chainsaw.

Check out more tips, tricks, and guides on chainsaws and using one at sawingpros.

  • Do your research. Even if you have already learned and equipped the basics, there’s always room for more knowledge. A tip? Learn more from others’ experiences and see if you can mix some of their techniques to your own.

See how carving and other creative woodworks with a chainsaw goes for Rick and Sue Cox and David Polk.

  • Most of all, just have fun. If you are carving for the first time, always remember that it’s more important to enjoy what you’re doing rather than forcing yourself to come out of your comfort zone and taking your creativity in woodworking up a notch right away.

Happy carving horses!